Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Its all G.O.O.D.

One of this years most exclusive shirts was with out a question the Crooks and Castle x G.O.O.D. music collaboration. This shirt was sold out in every Atlanta boutique that it was carried in, but luckily Addikt Workshop has two of the G.O.O.D shirts left in sizes(XL,XXL). They had four shirts but you know Allstar had to get one and another customer brought one literally fresh out the box. The attention this one shirt receives when worn out is like that walking in the West End with the sexiest girls in Atlanta, because women can't help but to look and want to touch you both if your lucky and every guy wants to take it from you.

Addikt workshop Addikt's location:
1107 Ralph D. Abernathy BLVD. unit 103
Atlanta, GA 30310

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