Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Allstar's Home Away From Addikt

Yesterday I had the privilege that few have ever had and that was to visit the man behind Addikt Workshop at his home to meet the family during their Memorial Day BBQ. The house is simply beautiful inside and out, the family man Allstar allowed me to meet his lovely wife Anna and fashionable son "young Elroy" as he calls him. The food was delicious and his wife cooked macaroni and cheese that would keep any man from thinking twice about leaving. The walls where covered with Law degrees and other achievements which added an extra sophisticated look to the home by displaying all the intelligence that this modern day Huxtable couple has achieved.

some WISH they had a Kneesee

Special thanks to Kneesee of Wish Atlanta for coming through Addikt today and for signing our year book. Much love to Ryan, Rubix and the whole crew at Wish also.

Its all G.O.O.D.

One of this years most exclusive shirts was with out a question the Crooks and Castle x G.O.O.D. music collaboration. This shirt was sold out in every Atlanta boutique that it was carried in, but luckily Addikt Workshop has two of the G.O.O.D shirts left in sizes(XL,XXL). They had four shirts but you know Allstar had to get one and another customer brought one literally fresh out the box. The attention this one shirt receives when worn out is like that walking in the West End with the sexiest girls in Atlanta, because women can't help but to look and want to touch you both if your lucky and every guy wants to take it from you.

Addikt workshop Addikt's location:
1107 Ralph D. Abernathy BLVD. unit 103
Atlanta, GA 30310

Young H.O.

To all that wonder "what kind of shirt is Jay-z wearing?" The answer is the exclusive Crooks and Castles tee available only at Addikt Workshop.

Allstar and Kareem

Allstar and
Kareem of the Palis feeling like kids again

Monday, May 28, 2007

New Womens Palis

New Married to the MOB

Special thanks to DJ UNK and oomp camp

On this exciting Memorial Day Addikt workshop had a new customer, and it was Atlanta’s own Mr. two step and walk it out himself DJ Unk with rapper Backbone. Unk showed the workshop none stop love and appreciation for what they do, and you know that he couldn’t leave the shop empty handed with out buying two pairs of Addikt workshop’s exclusive sneakers. Addikt workshop thanks Unk for his support and taking the time out stop by Addikt workshop and want him to know he is always welcomed. Addikt Workshop x OOMP Camp x West End...We all we got!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Addikt workshop is currently looking for journalist for there up incoming book titled "Addikt workshops look book" the book will feature photos of individuals in Atlanta, GA. Each photos will have description text blow, the book will also feature maintenance tips for sneaker, clothing, and accessories. To apply for this job please email your resume with a small writing sample to:addiktworkshop@gmail.com

Addikt workshop is looking for a Dj for the shop who plays only vinyl records; they must have their own equipment and can play hip-hop, house, and reggae. To apply for this exciting job please email an mp3 sample for reviewing along with your name number:

Thank you and good luck to everyone,
Addikt workshop Addikt's location:
1107 Ralph D. Abernathy BLVD. unit 103
Atlanta, GA 30310

Friday, May 25, 2007

Just another good day

Addikt's favorite kid young Elroy comes through.
Gambled a little.
Another happy customer
The creativity hangs from the ceiling

Addikt always teaching the kids to stay positive.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

cheap mondays

Addikt workshop has released a small amount of Cheap Mondays to meet all the customers demand. If you happened to miss the jeans this time no need to worry this will not be the last time you see cheap Mondays in the workshop, because more are expected to arrive at Addikt workshop in June.