Monday, April 30, 2007

What is Addikt

Addikt Workshop is a place where young street fashion kids can come to plant their talent seeds to sprout the huge sequoia tree of success and develop great business relationships. Dwayne “Allstar” Howell runs Addikt Workshop with the help of a beautiful young lady by the name of Jasmine who keeps the male customers eager to buy what ever she puts her pretty little hands on created the store. The store is a true home away from home where inside you have a variety of brands (Crooks and Castle, L&D, Hellz Bellz,kid robot,Dopeville,evisu and Nike) and out side you have the Owner hitting a manual in the middle of the street in the hood with the neighborhood kids. Seven days a week you can find owner Allstar speaking humbly about his experience and his hard work and proves that he is no different from his customers because he has responsibilities and goals just like the next man.

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